Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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15 A full statement of the benefits which the Indians derive from the Outing System was given in last year' s report, but it is worth noticing at this time that the principle involved in the Outing System, namely that of cooperation between the school and the industrial life of the community, is now being more ex tensively applied than ever to American education. This fea. ture of public school education for whites is commanding the earnest thought and attention of the best educators in the land. Education is not an end in itself, but is for 1ife, and the closer education can be associated with the real problems of life, the more effective will be the results. No school can teach the right meaning of a full day' s work, as practiced in the industrial world. The boy and girl must become a part of the complex industrial system, and actually perform the labor in the factory or on the farm before he realizes what will be expected of him. Aside from this, and the important matter of learning economy and the practical methods in use in industrial establishments, the Outing System has resulted in increased interest on the part of the students in their work at the school Important as these things are, the largest value of our Outing System is in the acquirement by the students of the fundamentals of right living and of Civilization. The outing System has been a potent force in the lives of thousands of Indians of both sexes who have acquired their education at Carlisle That the ideas involved in the outing System have not been

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