Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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12 simpler branches of knowledge, There are at present a smaller number of students in the lower grades of the school than ever before, The young people who come to Carlisle are well fitted to avail themselves of the excellent opportunities for vocation al training, and because of their previous education they lose no time in settling down to the serious business of mastering a trade, as well as to the work of vitalizing their previous education in books. This is as it should be, The admirable facilities, the completeness of the equipment, the high standard maintained in recruiting the faculty, and the Superior training which is consequently afforded, make it in possible for these young people to go out into life, after a few years residence at the school, fully equipped to earn a living. It has been made a policy that when a student, after a residence of several years at Carlisle, shows fitness to earn a 1livelihood, and evidences a strong desire to get out into the world and depend on himself, even though his term of enrollment has not expired, such permission is given and self- reliance on couraged, In the course of a year, scores of our students leave before their period of enrollment has expired, because they have obtained employment either in the Government Service as teachers and workers, out in the busy world in competition with white men as skill d mechanics, businessmen, etc., or to take up actively the labors of cultivating their farms where allotments have been made among their fellow tribesmen After all, Indian schools for the Indian youth are transitory,

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