Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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11 HEALTHY GROWTH IN ENROLLMENT OF STUDENTS The enrollment of new students has never been more encourag ing, or brought about with a greater degree of responsiveness on the part of the Indians, than it has during the past year, It has been as severated by those who are either prejudiced or ignorant of the true facts, that because of its distance from the Indian country, the Carlisle school finds difficulty in obtaining stu dents in any large number, in comparison with those schools which are nearer to the Western reservations. The facts are that never before in the history of the school have so many new students been enrolled regularly; nor has there ever been gathered together such a splendid body of Indian young men and young women as has been the' case at Carlisle during recent years, On page 6l exhibit B shows a comparative statement of the enrollment of new gtudents each year since the year 1890, and averaged for each administration of the inor easing popularity with the Indian people The average attendance during the past year has been 792, 6, and the total enrollment of different students has reached the number of 1031. Exhibit A on page 60 shows the total enrollment by tribes and conveys the interesting information that 78 tribes were represented in the student body. Of even greater importance than the actual figures of en rollment, is the maturity and preparedness of the students who are received. The average age of the boys is nineteen years and the average age of the girls is eighteen years, Most of them, previous to coming to Carlisle, have had some preparatory training, in the reservation day and boarding schools, in the

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