Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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The Indian has a right to expect encouragement and sympathy from Government officials in the field. A policy of Indians for the Indian Service should bring an emphatic response from the Indian. This is the red man' s fight even more than it is the white man' s problem More and more the personnel of the Indian Service is being recruited from Indians, Our Indian schools are furnish. ing their quota as instructors and employees. The Carlisle School alone has more than 300 of its graduates and returned students occupying offiоial positions in the Service, as super intendents, teachers of academic work, instructors in industrial work, and as clerks, field matrons, etc. This is encouraging A larger proportion of the positions in the Service will ultimately be filled by Indians, who will, in that way, be work. ing out the salvation of their race by acting as teachers and leaders of their people. This is the ultimate goal of our steward. ship of the Philippine Islands, where the Filipinos are being given responsible official positions as rapidly as they show them selves capable and trustworthy. Finally, it is expected that most of the positions there, in the Government service, will be filled by Filipinos Surely, this must inevitably be the case in the Indian Service. It is gratifying to note that wherever Indians are given a trial and are qualified for the work they undertake, they make excellent records. Here we have a most remarkable fact, when it is considered that the Government first seriously

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