Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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INDIANS FOR THE INDIAN SERVICE During the past year a special examination has been held by the Civil Service Commission and a full blood Indian of the Omaha tribe, Levi Lervering, who is a graduate of Carlisle, passed this exemination and was appointed superintendent of a government school among the Indians of Oklahoma, The official changes in the Indian Bureau, issued each month, give the names of a large number of educated Indians regularly appointed, by virtue of Civil Service examination, to positions of trust in the Service The Carlisle Indian School has always championed the Indians' cause as official workers, when competent, and has consistently advocated the utilization of Indian talent in Indian uplift One of the important services rendered by the school has been to stir up Indians in their own behalf. No one understands an Indian better than an Indian. When properly trained they are good workers, loyal, feithful and honest. The Indian Service needs more of them. By helping to aid their people they grow stronger themselves. More responsible and well- trained Indians will give new impetus to the Indian Service. We must remember that white men make failures in official positions, and scores of changes are made each year because of inefficiency on that side, Let us, therefore, be patient and just with those of red skin in the Government' s employ. The Indian will learn by experience Responsibility will widen his vision, and quicken and strengthen him in his work

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