Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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the student body. Students are taught to be industrious and frugal, honest and obedient, accurate and self- reliant, prompt and thorough, Striot disoipline is a necessity in any work of this kind, especially where, as with Carlisle, the school takes the place of the parent, Natural methods are in vogue as much as possible, and a successful effort has been made to break away from artificial and institutional methods SUBSTANTIAL RESULTS The only test of any educational regime, in the same way that any business organization would be judged, is by the con crete results in the way of product, Whether or no the Carlisle school is fulfilling its mission, is ascertainable only in the kind of records which are made by the young men and women who were educated within its walls. Here, happily, there is no opportunity for controversy. Everywhere through out the nation, the Carlisle graduates and returned students are at work, living right, at peace with their neighbors, patriotic in their citizenship. There is a remarkable pro portion of successes, Out of a total of 630 graduates, only five are not actively engaged in some useful occupation, with more than 4, 000 returned students, the most careful records obtained from the individuals, supported by the evidence of the agents and superintendents of the reservations to which they belong, show that 94 per cent are self- supporting and self respecting, with good families, good homes, and money in the bank,

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