Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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ticing Civilization, and become acquainted with the diffi. culties of competition by actually having a taste of such competition in the various vocations and trades while under the jurisdiction of the school The Carlisle gohool, besides the immediate work of edu cation, has performed an extensive service for the Indian by educating the American public to the desirability of inst tuting rational measures for Indian betterment, When the school was first established, the public attitude was reflect ed in the oft repeated slander that" the only good Indian is a dead Indian," This has given way to a manifestitation of sympathetic interest in the Indian on the part of the public, which is reflected in the attitude of Congress by its liberal support of education and civilization for the primitive American. The country has come to recognize that the Indian is essentially a valuable member of American society, in an especial degree, when he is properly trained and educated; and some of our most prominent and useful citizens make the proud boast of possessing Indian blood, In a measure, this is a finishing sohool for Indians, performing a valuable service in the development of the race by training those students who have reached the age of adoles Cence, and have had some preparatory training in the simple branches in the day school on the reservation, Not only is vocational activity encouraged, but character building is an important concern which guides the faculty in its dealings with

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