Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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whites and the red men, It is estimated that this harmful polioy of lessez faire as to Indian betterment, and continual enroachment on Indian land, cost the Government and the pale face nearly$ 400, 000, 000, 00. With the opening of the Carlisle school, our nation adopted a saner method of solving the Indian problem, The soldier was replaced by the school teacher, and the forts were either abandoned or utilized for school hous es and agency pur. poses. The guiding motive in the establishment of the Carlisle school was to train the Indian youth of both sexes to take upon themselves the duties, as well as the responsibilities, of citizen ship. This has been done by imparting a thor ough education in the elements of knowledge, by useful training in some practical vocation, and by placing the Indian young men and young women into the homes of the best white people of this and neighboring States, and training them in the habits and arts of civiliza tion through immediate contact The first has been accomplished by means of a care fully graded academic department, of grammar grade, which is supplemented by instruction in music, public speaking, art, nature study and business practice. The second has been done most successfully by giving instruction in twenty trades of a most practical character, and in the cultivation and training afforded on the farms and in the dairy, The third has result ed through the operation of the outing system, by means of which Indians obtain the training in cividization by living and prac

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