Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1911


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INDUSTRIAL TRAINING RESULTS IN UNPRECEDENTED PRODUCTION The training along industrial lines afforded by the Carlisle Sohool is an index to its aims. Most Indians as well as members of the white race earn their living by some kind of labor, either skilled or unskilled, necessitating the use of tools and materials, One of the great faults with the public school system for whites is that the entire organization of grammar Bchool and high school is to fit the student for the school of the next higher grade. As a matter of record nine- tenths of the white children never go to high school. A large pro portion do not go beyond the fifth grade. They leave school to go to work, but while at school they have had no training whatever along practical lines such as will fit them to earn a livelihood Indian schools meet this defeat by thorough courses in vocational activity. This is particularly the case at Carlisle where the or ganization of the trades instruction and training in agricul ture is of a most thorough and com prehensive nature, resulting in sending out competent workmen, The school also believes that industrial training not only does not lose in value, but inor eases in its worth to the student when it is turned into practical channels; and when the products instead of being useless and disconnected jointe 56

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