Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1911


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and attainments and an Outing Agent from the school visits them at certain intervals, The result is that when the girl leaves Carlisle she has acquired more than a smattering in domestic science; she is fully competent to manage a house hold and can do the work Recently when on a visit to one of the reservations, I spent some time calling at the homes of our ex- students While there I was informed by the Government physician that he could tell immediately when he entered the homes of our returned girls because as he said," I find these homes clean, well furnished and sanitary." In the same way the outing System serves as a splen did practical training for our boys, Many go out on farms and while out they are not only protected in their private life and carefully looked after, but they work side by side with successful and industrious farmers in this and neighbor ing states. They learn the real meaning of a full day' s work and of economical and intensive farming in such a wholesome and positive way as no school, however efficient, could teach them. While the schools oan give young men training in prac tical farming and supply a certain amount of necessary theo retical knowledge in relation therewi th, it is impossible in any school to teach the full and true meaning of work as it is found defined in the practical outside world. While making a tour of the Cherokee reservation this summer, I saw an unusually fine field of corn, comprising about 52

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