Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1911


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2 where. Recently a prominent artist of New York City in mat ing application for a boy for his summer home and farm wrote: " Several years ago, Dr. George Bird Grinnell, Dr. Charles Eastman, and I visited many of the homes where Indian help was employed, for Harper' s Magazine, and of over fifty places we visited, we found only one place where there was any dissatis faction." These young people earned$ 50, 234, 94 during the year, which is the largest amount earned in any single year in the history of the outing System and is an increase over last year of$ 3, 793. 93, or nearly fifteen per cent. The stu. dents are taught to save their earnings and out of the total amount received$ 18, 046. 70 was placed to their credit in the bank at interest. This amount is augmented from year to year and forms a splendid nucleus with which to begin life when their school days are over, One of the criticisms which is frequently made of Indian schools by Government officials and other persons on Indian reservations is that the graduates and returned stu dents of many of the nonreservation schools have little practical experience, and lack a working knowledge of some trade or occupation. It is claimed that while they have had some book learning and, with it, elementary insturation in farming and in manual training, this instruction has been more or less of a theoretical nature. Even in cases where it has 49

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