Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1911


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BIBLE STUDY The Carlisle School champions absolute freedom of religious belief among its students. It has given the same opportunities for religious work to all denominations, and has gone a step further by encouraging the vari ous denomina tions to look after the spiritual welfare of the members of their church who are students of the school. To this end the regular service of worship is conducted on Sunday and, in addition during the week, regular classes of instruction are conducted by the various religious denominations, The students have also organized a Young Women' s Christian Association and a Young Men' s Christian Association which are in a very healthful and flourishing condition. They aid in stimulating the moral life of the school, and are a good influence in the lives of Protestant students, who are members. In addition to this work, the school has been con ducting classes in Bible study of a purely voluntary character for both the boys and the girls. These classes are conducted Tuesday evening of each week during the school year There are ten classes for the boys and nine for the girls, and each of these is conducted by a leader, who is a senior at Dickinson College. This serves in promoting a better knowledge of the Bible, a better understanding of its principles, and brings the students under the enthusiastic leadership of the young people of the white race who are anxious to help them. It is 38

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