Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1911


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the evidences of earnestness which are manifest, indi oates on the students' part a desire for education and training which is most gratifying as a sign of progress and of development on the part of the Indian race. Instead of being herded in, as the students were in years gone by, when soliciting agents traveled all over the Indian country, and spent thousands of dollars of the Government' s money in the most wicked and nullifying kind of competition, they are now admitted because they desire to come, because they want an education and have an intense desire to become skilled workmen as a vehicle for Belf sustaining citizenship. No soliciting agents have been sent out for students. The whole process of enrollment has been along intelligent lines, and conducted as any well regulated university or college of high standing conducts its campaign for students, name ly, by placing the course of study and facts relative to the work of the school before the class of young people on Indian reservations who are ready for such training: What a splendid contrast this is to the old, energy- destroying and wasteful system of cajoling or forcing Indians into school! 34

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