Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1911


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39. floors on the inside were white; the furniture and dishes were neatly arranged and showed constant care, and the whole estab. lishment gave evidence of the careful attention and efficient work of the nurse. I found this to be under the direction of the local Government physician, and the nurse and housekeeper is Miss Bertha Pratt, a Pueblo Indian who obtained her educa tion at Carlisle. She is in charge of the actual work of the hospital and givee a vivid demonstration of the usefulness of her training as a means of aiding her people At Anadarko, Oklahoma, Mrs. L. D. Pedrick, who is married, has a good influence on the women of her tribe Previous to her marriage, she was in the Indian Service and for five years was a field matron, doing efficient work for the betterment of her people. She is now living in a model home, educating her two children, and while not officially connected with the Service, she still teaches the women of her tribe the right way of living and the care of their children, and at every opportunity renders real service in the cause of their civilization, A large number of other girls could be mentioned as indicated by the records, who render noble service for their people. The records which have been gathered give the bare facts concerning their employment, but it would be difficult to describe the happy lives of industry and service which they live Where they are married, they are bringing 29

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