Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1911


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15 understands his business thoroughly. Recently, he has been selected secretary- treasurer of the Tri- City Allied Printers Trade Council for Rock Island, Illinois; Moline, Illinois, and Davenport, Iowa. He has a nice family, owns his own home, and is highly thought of in the community in which he lives. One of the skilled men with the Pennsylvania Rail road in Altoona, who is an expert car builder, is a Cherokee Indian, and an ex- student of Carlisle, Samuel Saunooke. A number of our students have opened up their own shops, and with the training which they received at Carlisle are doing well. These include a number of blacksmith and carpenter shops, shoe shops, bakeries, tailor shops, etc. Since we have given attention in our teaching to the business side of the trades, a larger number of the returned students are going into business for themselves, On the school farms and in the dairy, and while under the training of the best farmers of this state and of the neighboring states under the outing System, our students become thoroughly familiar with the best methods of intensive farming. Nearly all Indians have land, and a majority, when their school days are terminated, will take up farming. John Frost, a Piegan Indian, who completed a partial term at Carlisle is now a successful rancher at Grey Cliff, Montana He owns his own home which he built himself, and has a nice family. He is successfully farming two sections of land. In 15

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