Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1911


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13 week. A year ago, I came West and located in San Francisco, California. Here I have also done well. I earn from$ 25 to $ 30 per week. Have had four hospital positions offered me here, but prefer to do private nursing." Charlotte E. Harris, of the class of 1902, is another successful nurse, practicing her profession in Philadelphia. She has as much work as she can do. Many others are likewise succeeding in this most admirable work They are eagerly sought and given high remuneration, by the leading physicians and surgeons Space forbids an enumeration of the individual careers of nearly a hundred of our returned students who have entered the professions. They are succeeding beyond the expectations of the best friends of the Indian. They are making good not only among their own people, but in compet- tion with the best trained professional men of the white race, THE CARLISLE BOY IN FARMING AND THE TRADES. The Indian, from long lines of ancestry, has in herited skill in the execution of mechanical work. He is deft with his fingers, patient and painstaking. When properly trained, he developg into a very s killed mechanic, and the large numbers who are now in the various trades earning good wages at test the fact that as an expert workman, the Indian is 13

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