Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1911


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12. been an inspiration to me for noble things, and has made the home more cheerful than before, Indian women make splendid nurses when properly trained. By nature they are adapted to this work. They are deft with their fingers, patient and sympathetic with those who are ill. After completing the course at the Carlisle hospital, many of our girls are encouraged to enroll as stu dents in some of the best hospitals in the east, where they take the nurses' training course. A large number of the girls have completed this course with credit, and are now out in the World successfully practicing their profesgion. The best physicians who have come in touch with their work speak of them in highest terms, and are a unit in praising not only their skill, but in commending their patience and sympathy in the sick room Alice Heater, a graduate of the Carlisle school, who later graduated from the Jefferson hospital of Philadelphia, is successfully practicing her profession in San Francisco In a recent letter, she says:-" After completing three years' training at the Jeffers on Hospital, I entered the Philadelphia hospital for contagious diseases, where I completed a post graduate course of six months in that special line of nursing. This course was of great interest to me, and indluded work in diphtheria, scarlet fever and measles After finishing my course at the hospital, I continued to practice my profession at Philadelphia, where I was very successful, earning$ 25 per 12

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