Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1911


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occurence nowadays to find the graduate of a Government sohool charged with the breaking of his country' s laws. The Nation is rapidly waking to the fact that education of the right sort, which teaches the elements of knowledge, which does not forget the moral nature, and which gives thorough instruction and training in some vocational activity, is responsible to a very large extent for the progress which the Indian has made on all sides, We find the Indian on the reservation is more productive and industrious. Hundreds of Indians have left the reservation and are taking their place in white communities as respected citizens and competent work men. They are in the professions, in the trades, in the busy marts of commercial life, in the Government Service, and some of the most honored missionaries in the Indian field have Indian blood and we re trained and educated in the Government schools I am opening the report with this comment and recital of Indian progress, because the Carlisle graduates and returned students have had a very large share in the work of rejuvenating and civilizing their race. The train ing which the se young people have received has not only been a vital influence in their lives, but has touched and in fluenced the lives of their fellow tribesmen. Records which have been gathered with great care and at much labor of their activities since the termination of their school careers .

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