Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1910


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E OF IND, 4s BEORNVEID 6. SUMMARY OF THE JUL 21 1910 RECORD OF LIVING GRADUATES INTRODUCTORY STATEMILIT In presenting the following record of the graduates of the Carlisle school, than which no like school in the country can show a better record, it is desired to call attention to several facts to which the reader should give careful attention, First- The Carlisle school is not a university. The character of its academic work, with the exception of that of the business and the telegraphy departments, is of the grammar grade Some studies which are included in the regular high school course is are taught, but no so- called higher education given, Conse quently, its record should be compared with schools of a similar character anong the white people, and in comparison with these, or even in comparison with our colleges, the total number who have made good will compare to splendid advantage. Out of the total of 515 graduates, only five have been so- called failures; the rest have made a marked success in their various spheres of activity. Second Attention is invited to the fact that Cerlisle has inspired a large number of its graduates with the desire for further, advanced, collegiate education. It will be seen from their records that a number of Indians who have been graduated at this school have continued their way in institutions of higher learning, and in practically all such cases have worked their ways through

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