Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1910


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OF IND N BEOMIVHD JUL 2 1 1910 NATIONAILIZING THE INDIAN Acareful examination of the work and purposes of the Carlisle school, followed by an investigation of the records of its graduates, brings to light an interesting phase of its influence. In the careful selection of 4ts student body, it cuts to a minimum wastefulness on undesirable individuals. Its scheme of education comprehends the throwing together of promising young men and young women of Indian blood from every part of the country and from about ninety different tribes, speaking as many different languages. These young people are given a wider horizon and a broader conception of life They form lasting friendships The plan of nixing the tribes at Carlisle results in nationalizing the Indian; and, after all, that is the great problem in our dealings with this primitive people. They see beyond the reservation, and more than half of our graduates are actually making a success away from the reservation Our boys and girls learn more of their government; become thoroughly acquainted with their white neighbors, have impressed upon them the ultimate goal of citizenship, with its entailing duties and responsibilities, as well as privileges; grow to be strong under firm, yet kindly, discipline, and usually make a success of life, because, after the kind of training they have received, it is the most natural thing for them to do. Work is the keynote at Carlisle, and service is its gospel

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