Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1910


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or INDIAA s BHOEIVED . JUL 21 1910 STUDENT TS WORK THEIR WAY The records herewith reproduced, showing the value of the products and the work done by the various industrial depart ments of the school, indicate in a small way the extent to which the school itself is self- supporting. We have always believed, and this has been borne out by the experiences of others, that the more excellent and thorough the instruction in the industries, the greater the productivity. The most important thing in the shop is the boy or the girl. Materials, machinery, products these are all of secondary consideration; but when students receive thorough instruction, when the course of work is carefully arranged and they are shown the whys and wherefores of each opera tion, they make rapid progress, which inevitably tells in the final output. Our building ope ations and the various work of production carried on afford a splendid opportunity for our students to put to practical use much of the training which in many trade schools is purely theoretical. It will be seen from the reports submitted that the value of the products from the various shops and industries aggregates is 77. 466 . 22. This does not include been made a large amount of work which is renderea by the students in wishing nearly ten thousand pieces of clothing each week, in the preparation of food, in the care of the dormitories, the kitchen, and the dining room, in the up- keep of a beautiful campus which serves to inspire the student body with higher ideals of civic beauty in the labor on the farms, and in a multitude of minor activities

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