Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1910


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0 INDRA ( L REOHIVRD JUL 21 1910 INDUSTRIAL DEPARTMENT The Industrial Departments of the school have been perfected and enlarged to the end that more students may be aàmitted to the various courses of instruction . We now have a series of shop buildings which forms one of the best groups of its kind in the country, with thorough courses of study, excellent equipment, and every facility for teaching the various trades During the year harnessmaking has been dropped as a separate department of trades instruction. This action was taken for the reason that very few students completing such a trade find reunerative employment on the outside. There is very little demand nowadays for men who make harness by hand, likewise, for harness repairers, such work usually being done in the small towns by cobblers. After all, the only test in such a matter should be the ultimate good of the student, and no effort should be spered to teach only those things which the boy or girl can make use of when their school days are over. Harnessmaking will be continued from now on merely in connection with cobblery, which is a good trade for a few students, and for which there is an outside demand , Students with a good preparatory education have been permitted to spend the entire day at industrial pursuits, thus shortening the necessary period of apprenticeship

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