Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1910


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OF INDIAN S RECHHIV HD 6. JUL 211910 COURSE OF STUDY The course of study has been completed and is in the hands of the printer. In all of its essentials it conforms with the courses of study used in the various states. The time has passed when people argue that Indian education should be radically different in matters of procedure, subject- matter, and the general principles involved from elementary education as it is carried on in the thousands of public schools scattered throughout the country. However, we have taken the best that can be found in several hundred such courses of study and adapted this material to our needs, with the result that our young people obtain a thoroughly common- sense education; furthermore, if they so desire, it will serve them as a vehicle or stepping- stone for continuing their education in higher institutions of learning wherever they may be In this connection, mention shoula be made of a very important matter both to teachers and to administrators. Over all the country we hear the cry of alarm and criticism from business men, manufacturers, and professional men that too many students leave the public schools without a thorough grounding in the elements of knowledge, namely, reading, writing, and arithmetic. In the aim to aaa more aåvanced branches and to give instruction in the so- called classics, advanced mathematics, and the sciences, too many schools have lost sight of the funda mentals in education, and so in our Indian schools this is a matter of vital importance. It cannot be emphasized too strongly.

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