Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1910


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OF INDina As BEOFHEIVED A. JUL 11910 BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Continued progress characterizes the work of the Business Department. As we stated when this work was first or ganized, it is our aim to make it of twofold value: first, to give to all the students in the four upper grades of the academic department drill and training in the fundamentals of good business in the preparation of ordinary business forms, in accurate and tactful correspondence, and in the elements of bookkeeping; second, to train a selected number of young men and young women as clerks, stenographers, and bookkeepers, who can, immediately on the completion of the course, take positions either in the Government Service or in the business world. Through the co operation of the Civil Service Commission, an examination was given to those in the advanced classes, in which they did well. During the past summer the advanced students have been given practical training in the actual office work of administration here at the school. In this work we are not striving for numbers, nor to make a spectacular display, but it is felt that, because of the careful selection of the students, and with the very thorough and come prehensive training which is given them, those who are graduated wi11l be competent, and capable of earning a good 1ivelihood at their chosen vocation.

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