Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1910


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As S R BOLIVEID A. JUL 2 11910 TELEGRAPHY During the year a number of improvements have been made in the various courses of instruction. In the academic depart. ment an additional branch has been added to the existing curric ulum; namely, that of telegraphy. It has been found that the Indians are exceptionally well adapted for the taking up of the study of this subject, having a keenly developed sense of hearing and of touch. A railroad man with twelve years' experience in practical railroad work has been instructing the students in this department and reports remarkable progress among the students. They are patient, seem to grasp the details rapidly, and have a real liking for the work. Attendance in this depart ament has been limited to a carefully selected number of the more advanced students, and it is aimed in the future, more and more, to restrict admission to those who have a good preparatory education. There is a large demand for telegraph operators and railroad agents over all the country, especially in the West, where it has been found dilicult to keep men at some of the lonely stations in the desert and mountain regions, Indians would not object to being alone in these places, Already three of our boys have been engaged by the Cumberland Valley Railroad, and excellent reports of their progress come in The superintendent, in speaking of their work, adds the comment, " They ought to be especially successful because of their repose and lack of nervousness under the strain of the work This pressure drives many white men out of the business prematurely because their health has given away

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