Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1910


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OF INDIAA EE E REOHIVRD JUL 21 1910 STUDENT BODY I can conceive of no more salient factor which indicates the standing of the Carlisle school among the Indians of America than the character of its present student body. This institution has attracted to its doors some of the most purposeful of the younger generation of Indians of the various tribes. The Indians' status in the United States is more advanced than was the case some few years ago. The Indian people are progressing; they are being educated; are more industrious; lean less on the Government; exercise more independence of thought and action, and are rapidly becoming property owners. It means much for the reputation of an institution when it can obtain the voluntary attendance of progressive young people who have a definite objective At the time this report is being written, the average age of the boys at Carlisle is nineteen years, and that of the girls is eighteen years, It is not necessary for us to send out a dragnet of soliоiting agents over all the United States to bring in our students by force or cajolery, although three hundred new students are enrolled each year. They are attracted by the same dignified means used by our American colleges; namely, interesting them in the kind of education which they can receive, and placing before them, by means of printed matter, the advantages of the school The average attendance for the past sohool year has been 971, a slight increase over the attendance of last year The total enrolment was 1, 085.

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