Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1930


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Santa Fe Boarding School Jurisdiction. 1930 ANNUAL STATISTICAL REPORT New Mexico State. Section II HEALTH continued I- COST OF MEDICAL WORK during the fiscal year 1930: Hospital Agency a Government* Non- Government School Total Appropriation Conserration of Health Among Indians, 1930. P 11, 050. 54| 11, 050. 54 Conservation of Health Among Indians, 1930( Hospital) Indian Boarding Schools, 1930......... Tribal Funds* KE* 6, 219. 46 6, 219. 46 Other Funds*** Total 17, 270. 00 17, 270. 00 This statement must show the total expenditures for the Reservation Indians,( Agency); for Hospitals, whether government or non- government); for school purposes other than school hospitals; and for all Health ti ork of the jurisdiction. Expenditures which were for the benefit of more than one of these units, such as aalaries of physicians or nurses, purchase of medicines, etc., are to be prorated as accurately as is possible. * Include" Agency" and" School" hospitals, also" Sanatorial" and" Sanatorium School Hospitals." ** Spacify title of fund in space below." I. M. P. L. 71930," is to be included under expenditures for Tribal Funds. For budget purposes, I. M. P. L.( Support) is to be listed separately. *** Specify the name of the Funds under" Other Finds." 19

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