Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1930


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A 2 O Annual Report The school hospital meets the most urgent need for carrying on the medical or health work at the school. The increase in the personnel at the hospital has been the means of the hospital functioning well in the health program for schools and now that the hospital has been reasonably well equipped, there is no reason why it should not continue to function well Section 111- schools A very sati┼┐factory relationship exists between the public, parochial schools of San ta Fe and the Indian school One of the Indian boys who has completed the course of study at the Indian School attends high school in Santa Fe. Mary athletic contests between these schools take place and a very friendly feeling between the echools exists Needs of the School: School plant. An additional girls' building and a shop building are very much needed. Justifications for which have been submitted. The bakery was completed during the summer and greatly relieves a condition that has existed for some time. The baker, however, is not the best. Everything possible has been done to help him to keep the bakery in better order, Recommendations have been made by home economics supervisors and this office, in regard to this depar trent A new boiler was so installed in the boiler house and an additional snoke stack added which made a decided increase in the efficiency of the heating system The old hospital was converted during the winter, and spring, into homeeconomics quarters, most of the work of which was done by school labor. The carpenters have made indi vidual cases for the girls, and everything is in readiness for the building to be occupied at the opening of school in Sept ember. To appreciate fully just what has been done to this building, one must have known the building before the work of remodeling was begun. I feel that this building now ranks with the best A poultry house is nearing completion. It will ac. commodate 200 chickens and this work will be under the direction of the home economics department The employees club building will be remodeled this year, the left wing of the boys' old dormitory will be made into quarters for enployees, and when the two new cottages are corm pleted, there should be ample quarters

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