Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1928


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22705 S. Indian School Jurisdiction. Santa, Fe, New Mex. State a pH UN d is 3 SO, eo 2. Cost of Medical Work for Boarding school, g d d. ao IE Un HHAW A UN A H © A H or rd D O o D W do me a d UN C A g g o o g to • A HA R 88| 82 E) 8HE A O O| A to F A 4HP A A m n h a fa HA NO in O O O1 Salaries and wages regular employees, as Medical and surgical 1. Full- time school and agency physicians . 360. 2. Part- time school and agency physicians, b. Dental service Agency dentists C. Nursing service 1. Graduate hospital and school nurses, 15Q0. 2. Practical hospital and school nurses 3 Field and public health nurses 4. Field matrons, a talks....... CaiLE% P DO Sep. SaaS........... 2 see an end. Itd.... SS Ens... S. hanahan was 02 Salaries and wages, irregular employees** 03 Materials and supplies** Food stuffs ISOO. 99 P a cl Materials and supplies Fuel and light * Indicate what other funds are, ** Expenses in onnection with clinics of special physicians 7 g

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