Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1928


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5- 851 WEEKLY CENSUS REPORT Solar h modua a deal. Solomananas . Mosie. ( Hospital or Sanatorium) Date, Saturday,--- LL 1929 The ordinary bed capacity of this hospital is( a) 3p On Saturday noon there are: ( b) Lt.. beds occupied by patients.( See table below.) ( C) 2 beds empty, but in all respects ready for immediate utilization by new patients. ( See table below.) )- 3. le... beds available for immediate utilization( both empty and occupied). beds not available for immediate utilization( reason stated under remarks) Medical officers present on the staff of this hospital on full- time basis. ----------- nurses present on the staff of this hospital, ong in won at ............. other professional or technical assistants present on the staff of this hospital. ( Include contract physician, surgeon, or dentist.) ------------- all other employees present on the staff of this hospital. During the week ending Saturday at noon there were: 4 2. 2.. patients treated in the hospital who occupied hospital beds act were treated as in- patients. of this number were employees other than Indian beneficiaries. 4. 22 times out- patients relief furnished at the hospital Tusa physical examinations of out- patients performed at the hospital CLASSIFICATION OF BENEFICIARIES AND BEDS ALL BENEFIOIARIES EMPLOYEES OR OTHERS Total General T. B N. P. Total General T. B N. P Occupied be Empty beds In- patients admitted during week al. ab In- patients discharged during week 2. EMARKS: 3 JD 2 RR frlma L708 ( OVER )

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