Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1928


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5- 851 WEEKLY CENSUS REPORT ... Santa. Te Indian Sc chool. ( Hospital or Sanatorium) . Santa Fe, New Mexico Locat Date, Saturday, March- 31, 192ey, 192 The ordinary bed capacity of this hospital is().. On Saturday noon there are: ( 6) ( 0) 16.... beds occupied by patients.( See table below.) DFFICE 20.... beds empty, but, in all respects ready for immediate utilization, by new" patient 36... beds available for immediate utilization( both empty and occupie ( See table below.) beds not available for immediate utilization( reason stated under remarki .... Medical officers present on the staff of this hospital on full- time basis. nurses present on the staff of this hospital, its at ral other professional or technical assistants present on the staff of this hospital. ( Include contract physician, surgeon, or dentist) all other employees present on the staff of this hospital. During the week ending Saturday at noon there were: patients treated in the hospital who occupied hospital beds and were treated as in- patients. of this number were employees other than Indian beneficiaries. 443. All times out- patients relief furnished at the hospital See remarks physical examinations of out- patients performed at the hospital. CLASSIFICATION OF BENEFICIARIES AND BEDS ALL BENEFICIARIES EMPLOYEES OR OTHERS Total Gonera T. B. N. P. Total T. B. N. P. Occupied beds...-...-........- 16 20 Empty beds In- patients admitted during week In- patients discharged during week 10.. 9 12.--|- l REMARKS: treatments 275 out of 443 were for trachoma . 6- 7298 ( OVER

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