Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1928


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0 S C Oom. Indian Affairs-- page 3 boys wi th the exception of printing, masonary and mechanical drawing Through the Veterans' Bureau, I received 120 sets of drawing instru nents, T BEuares, tables, etc., but through lack of some one compet ent to give this instruction, no use has been made of the instruments If it is the plan to make the instruction in all the departments as practicable as possible, not many of the men in the departments are instructors and for this reason a shop instructor would be able to better organize the instruction in the industrial departments The equipment of the plant is not very good. The black Smi th, carpenter shoe, tailor and plumbing shops is not what it should be, but maeh better than last year; and with the purchase of what is planned for these shops, there will be a decided improvement The personnel of the employee force is a decided improv. ment over that of a year ago. A number of the new teachers are col lege or normal graduates and their training was reflected in the acti vities of the school. The teachers who did not attend summer school last summer are in attendance this year. Others who attended last summer and who are working for degrees are also in attendance this Bummer Very cordial relations exist between the school and the public school authoritie Our teachers are always extended a special invitation to attend lectures by prominent educators who come to Santa Fe and to educational gatherings and conferences. The work of the school is well adopted to meet the needs of the Indians in so far as the course extends. Pupil® completing the 9th grade can not be ex pected to complete with those completing the full high school course A large percent of the Santa Fe pupils continue in school after comp leting the course here. A good start in the right direction and a desire to make something of themselves is about all we can expect to give them. I have observed no indication whatever toward interming ling of the races Total expenditures for the fiscal year just closed were about the same as for the year previous There is practically no playground equipment at the school. Some supervision is given. The boys engage in all the games common to schools under the direction of the disciplinarian and his assistant. The girls play tennis, some baseball, basket ball, and have calisthenics in the class rooms and setting up exercises There has been a decided improvement in the water situation

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