Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1928


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DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, Annual Report Non- Reservation School UNITED STATES INDIAN SERVICE U. S. Indian School Santa Fe, New Mexico July 11, 1928 pm NEE The Commissioner of Indian Affairs Washington, D. O My dear Mr. Oommissioner Section II Health The general health conditions at the Santa Fe School dur ing the year, 1927, 1928, have been very satisfactory. This condition applies to both girls and boys. The fact that we were without a phy sician from Jaanary lat to a few days ago, and the services of physicia ne in to Wm were not needed except in a very few special cases, bears out the above statement. I am more and more convinced that the girls in this altitude should not be put through strenuous exercise and rig orous athletics should not be indulged in by the girls It is my plan to provide more playground equipment for the girls if sufficient savings can be made Outside basketball courts were provided for the girls last fall and the girls made good use of them. We received frequent calls from other schools for match games of basketball with our girls, but we did not have a Begular team of girls for this purpose. When more playground equipment is provided and proper use made of the basketball courts, tennis courts and recreation walks, etc., I feel that the girls of this school will receive a sufficient amount of good wholesome ex ercise This school escaped the customary epidemic of flu but in cases of the" Three day flu, which amounted to nothing more than the inconvenience of having our hospital f11led for a few days. No special detail of employees was necessary to care for the children during this 11ight epidemic. There were only a very few pupils sent home during the year on account of 11lness and these were tubercular suspects and only one of such cases resulted in death. A girl from Santa Clara: She had been losing in weight and a special diet did not seem to benefit her to any great extent. Thinking a visit to her home would be benefi cial to her, I, accompanied by the nurse, took her to Santa Clara to her home in order that we might study her home conditions before decid 1ng to leave her. We found her home to be fully adequate for the size of her family and everything was in order. I was pleased to see that they had a cow and a number of chickens, thus assuring fresh milk and eggs. I instructed her mother to see that she was given plenty of

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