Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1927


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a JUL. 5 1927 6- 42 Annual Report DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Non- Reservation School UNITED STATES INDIAN SERVICE OMAN U. S. Indian School Santa Fe, New Mexico June 30, 1927 The Commissioner of Indian Affairs Washington, D. C. My dear Mr . Commissioner: The general health conditions at this school during the year 1926- 1927 have been very satisfactory. Particularly has this been the case among the girls. This is accounted for from the fact that no very strenuous duties have been performed by the girls and they have not engaged in rigorous athletics. Tennis, setting up exercises and walks, not hikes, have constituted the principal diversions of the girls in the way of exercise In Maroms we had the customary annual epidemio of influenza, not more than two dozen cases in all, but with no serious results, Tn the same month we also had an epidemic of German measles. The capacity of the hospital was not sufficient to accommodate the Go odd cases at one time, but dormitories were converted into wards and employees detailed to give them special attention. Aside from being absent from school for several days, the results of the epidemic were minor. In May an epidemic of real measles was visited upon us which was handled in the same manner as was the epidemic of German measles, It Only very few pupils were sent home during the year on account of illness and these were cases of tuberculosis , and only one of such cases resulted in death, a girl from Acomita, Nev Mexico. There has been but one death at the school this year, a boy from the pueblo at Picuris. This death would not have occurred hadinthe boy not violated the rules of the school. He was a frail looking boy when he entered school in the fall, and for this rea son he was given very light duties to perform outside of the classroom works. He deserted from the school and was exposed to bad weather and almost immediately after being returned to the sclhool, November 6, 1926, he was sent to the hospital with pneumonie.. Not being very strong physically he was unable to bombat the disease and on November 22, 1926, he died. Trachomatous pupils are on the decrease. Out of a totel enrollment of 557 for the year, the total number of cases of trachoma was 114 with an average number of cases of 18 3/ 5. One case of long standing, that of a Navajo

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