Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1924


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U. S. INDIAN SCHOOL SANTA FE, N. ALEX. NAME OF JURISDICTION ANNUAL REPORT. 1924 Year. 6. Pupils umber of graduates 26 Mumber of returned students on This is not a reservation, the reservation in the sense in which this is meant. number of Indian children within reach of This question does not Government, mission, or public schools apply here. Give below the number of Indian children from other jurisdictions enrolled in schools urder your jurisdiction, Name of Bchool. Jurisdiction from Enroll- Average which enrolled. ment. Attendance. Non- reservation bag schoolSanta Fe NOrthorn Pueblos. 212 20 E. Southern H 127 106 Navajo( Ft. Def.) 63 59 AL Zuni 30 30 Consol. Ute 19 Pueblo Bonito F 10 Hopi San Juan ( Navajo) 2 2 Jicarilla Independent Total From Lake - 3-

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