Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1924


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U. S. INDI£N SCHOUL SANTA FE, N. ALEX. NAME OF JURISDICTION ANNUAL REPORT 1924 YeeT 1. Number of children under your jurisdiction , including those away at other schools, from 5 to 18 years of age, both included. Male 255- Female 206 2. Number of children under your jurisdiction, including those away at other schools, under 18 years of age. Male 231 Female 195 3. Number of these incapacitated for atterdance at school by reason of ( a) Ill heal th Male Female Total ( b) Mental defect ( c) Physical defect ( d) Marriage ( e) other reasons Total 4. Number of children eligible for school attendance. Mele all Female all NL 5. Capaci ty, total enrollment, average atterdance of Indians of your juris diction in different schools( not including Ira ians from other juris dictions enrolled in your schools ): ( Account here for all the children order your jurisdiction showing the schools, by names, in which these children are enrolled.) GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS : Non reservation boarding . Enrollment. Santa Fe 474 Total 44 I don' t believe this sheet has to do with a non- reservation boarding school. However, I have put down my attendance and enroll ment figures, although these same children will be reported to the office by the superintendents of the various reserva talons from which they come

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