Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1924


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Industries We do not save seed for the next year' s planting The season is so short that the maturing of the seeds is doubtful. Practically all our seed supply is purchased from the Colorado seed companies and since there are several competing companies, the cost of our seed supply is relatively negligible and we are sure to get a good grade We have a greenhouse, which is mainly devoted to the production of flowering and ornamental plant 1ife It is very satisfactory We have a dairy herd- all Holstein, statistical reports kept by the dairyman show that we have no" boarders" at present. We had some some time back but got rid of them. We give every apparent boarder the benefit of the doubt for a year at least.. sometimes a cow that is apparently no good can be developed into a good miker. But when it be comes evident that she is hopeless, we get rid of her. A regular detail of boys is assigned to this dairy and regular instruction in dairying is given in the prevocational and junior vocational grades We have a head farmer( called" industrial teacher on the salary roll) and a dairyman( called" gardener" on the salary roll The industrial teacher handles all the plant production, both field crops and garden truck. The dairyman has charge of the dairy herd, the piggery and the chicken yard. The industrial teacher stands in an advisory capacity over the dairyman In early June( 1924) I sent about twenty young In dians to the Kansas beet- fields under the general supervis ion of the supervisor of Indian employment., As a riſk. all pupils go home for the summer to help their parents raise corn, etc. But if there are any who are not need ed at home and who want work, I can easily find it for them Some find work for themselves. ( F 1 N IS)

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