Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1924


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Schools What has been accomplished during the year which has been more satisfactory than the year preceding? That would be hard to say. The school is in a general way in better condition than ever before. It is not perfect, nor do I claim that in every repsect it is a model institu tion. But we are getting results. One of the surest evi dences of that fact is that when our gradua tes( Grade VIII) transfer to other schools to take the senior vocational course, they make good. At I feel that the general plane of intelligence during the past year has been raised considerably. Good use in being made of our playground apparatus. We haven' t very much excepting that which is set up around the girls' building. Only partially is systematic super vision given to playground activities. All competitive playground activities are carefully supervised. The non competitive activites are only partially supervised. But In my opinion they are sufficiently supervised. Sponta- neous play is often more to be desired than any other kind. One of the defects of the Indian Service is over- supervision.

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