Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1924


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Schools will be held out of school from now on and taken home to be married off or do housework for the family. It is a matter worthy of special mention that this year, for the first time, the Governor of the Santo Domingo pueblo has given his consent for a Santo Domingo pupil, up on completion of the course at the Santa Fe school, to con inue in school elsewhere. The books on the authorized list seem well selected. I have heard no complaint from the teachers and I have no particular criticisms to offer For the girls, the full course of instruction pre scribed in the course of study in the provocational and junior vocational grades is being carried on and the char acter of the instruction given is to my mind, very satis factory. For the boys in the prevocational grades, alI. the courses laid down in the course of study are given, excepting that I might say that masonry is not given a great deal of attention here beyond the mixing and pouring of concrete. In the junior vocational grades, we give the courses in agriculture carpentry, engineering, painting and blacksmithing The courses in masonry, printing, and auto mechanics are not given although some instruction in the last named course is given in a rather informal way, so that certain boys are taught to operate and take care of Ford motor vehicles. The school plant ds a whole is reasonably well equipped. We have just recently installed a new dish washing machine. We need a tumbler dryer in the laundry, but when it comes to buying machines costing as much as 2500, we have to count our cash pretty carefully. As soon as the dining room expansion has been completed, we should by all means install a refrigeration plant in the basement. This will cost perhaps 2500. The accommodations for our employees, while not ample, are sufficient for our present needs. As regards their efficiency, loyalty, and cooperation with one another. I dare say they measure up at least to the average obtaining in the service. Some of course are more efficient than others. But is safe to assume that where one school is strong another school may be weak, and vice versa; so that the average is about the same all through the service The relations existing between our school and the public and other schools in and around Santa Fe are very cordial and satisfactory There is perfect cooperatibnia in many lines of endeavor The aim of our school work is to give the boys such a 1ine of training as eventually result in increased annual income( and therefofo increased and more varied food supply and the other things that goto make up a well- ordered home) and the girls such a 1ine of training as may make of them better housewives and homemakers in every way,

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