Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1924


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ASSOURIEEE CARDreserves ANNUAL REPORT, SANTA FE BOARDING SCHOOL. JUNE 30, 1924 NARRATIVE SECTION Section III Schools The rated capacity of this school is now 450 My total enrollment for the year was. 474 This was bona fide enrollment, no person being counted in on it excepting such as had actually been in attendance for at least a couple of weeks Several pupils who came in and then dropped out within a few days after enrolling were disregarded in ar riving at this tigure The average daily attendance was 438. 63, or within 11 points of the maximum present capacity of the school. Under the law, which allows a per capita expenditure here of 225 dollars, the required average daily attendance would have been only 390 A year ago we were all talking about increasing the capacity of this school to 600. It is now 450, but I doubt that it should ever go beyond 500. I am inclined to think that 500 would be about right; but even that figure should not be attempted just at present We are able to take care of 450 all right, excepting that they croud out academic class rooms a little. But I believe I can handle this situa tion without extra expense or greaty difficulty We are now putting up two sleeping porches at the girls' building, so as to provide adequate dormitory space. One of the porches is near completion, the other is about half done. Next project is to expand the dining room, plans for which are now being prepared in the Indian office AS soon as possible say a year from now We should begin the construction of the proposed new hospital. Then the old hospital should be torn down and the proposed gymnasium assembly room set almost on the exact spot where the present hospital stands To do otherwise w ould be to bungle matters considerably The school farm is as large as we can handle, consia. ering the 1imitect water supply Of course some years the water is ample for our area while others years it is not so The fact that we have to run on a small farm makes my per capita allowance a little meager scant wonder, therefore that supervisors and other visiting officials of ten find ings lacking here which have been provided at certain other schools with apparent ease If this school were situated on the Rio Grande river, 1ike the school at A1 buquerque, I might do more than I am doing in the way of rassing forage crops This school carries all grades from" beginners" up through VIII or Second Year Junior Vocational. This year we had twenty- six graduates, as against 14 a year ago. The immediate outlook for all of these young people, with perhaps a few exceptions, seems very promising. Most of hem will continue their schooling in some school offering work in advance of the Junior Vocational course. Others will get a job and go to work Some of the girls of course

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