Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1924


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33; ANNUAL REPORT SANTA FE BOARDING SCHOOL, JUNE 30, 1924 NARRATIVE SECTION Section II Health A year ago, in my annual report, I said that it the record for the following year should show a smaller number of break- downs among the pupils, I felt that my surmise that the number of such break- downs in 1922- 23 was due to the sequelae of influenza was a correct one. I believe I was right. This year only four pupils broke down, as a gainst a dozen or more of the previous year. And of the Tour who broke down, the case of one is directly and immediately traceable to an a ttack of measles. This pupil is here now, sufIeringfrom pulmonary tuberculosis and her condition is not at all reassuring It is also very likely that the work of Dr. Perkins here early in the school year, in the way or treating or removing diseased tonsils, had much to do with the general health or the pupils. There were no epidemics in the fiscal year. I feared for a time that we were going to have a general outbreak of measles, but fortunately, and for reasons which I can not explain only a few pupils came down with it All recovered satist actorily excepting the one child mentioned in the latter part of the first paragraph above Dr. Perkins was here from September on during several months and operated a good many of our pupils for diseased tonsils He also administered and directed the treatment for a considerable time of all pupils afflicted with tra choma I feel that if we could have our pupils here at the school the year round, we could in the course of a rea sonable length of time stamp out trachoma among them c om pletely. This, of course, would be brought about by opera tion and treatment of those afflicted and preventive measures amang those not attacked But when, as is the case, the large majority of our pupils spend trom two to three months of every year in their home pueblos or villages, where trachoma is prevalent and no measures are taken to combat it, much of our work is set at nought. I don' t presume tp say whether trachoma came into the schools by way of the Indian homes or whether it got into the homes by way of the school. Neither am I going to say that on the whole the boarding schools are not spreading tra choma instead of reducing its incidence But be all that as it may, the present situation with which we are confronted is, it seems to me, that wa have to work both ends of this proposition, if we want to make any headway in combating this veritable plague

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