Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1923


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STATISTICAL. SECTION V.- INDUSTRIES Continued. NOT APPLICABLE HERE Santa Fe .. Indian School. Reservati. 27. Acreage of agricultural lands: Allotted. Unallotted. Total ( a) Acres agricultural lands cultivated by Indians .... ... 1-------- ( b) Acres agricultural lands used by Indians for grazing purposes----------- ( c) Acres agricultural lands leased. ( d) Acres agricultural lands not used for any purpose.- - Total 28. Acreage of grazing lands: ( 2) Acres grazing lands used by Indians for grazing pur ( b) Acres grazing lands used by Indians for other pur poses ( c ) Acres grazing lands leased. ( 1) Acres grazing lands Unusecle. 29. Total acreage by Indians for purposes( total of 27( b) and 28( 0) Allotted lands. Total 30. Indians farming for themselves: ALLOTTED UNALLOTTED, LEASED OR RENTED. ToTAT. Number. e Number. Com Acreage ( a) Allotted Indians ... -. ------------- ( b) Unallotted Indians... Total ad in a a These figures must agree figui Th figu figu th th Number Indians must not be duplicated ider q der q pago 28. ly, pages 18 and 19. ly, pag

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