Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1922


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STATISTICAL. SECTION VIII. SALES. Annual Report 1922 Year.) SANTA FE Indian School THIS SHEET NOT APPLICABLE HERE Reservation. 1. Total number of Indians under your supervision... ( a) Total number of these Indians who have no allotted or inherited lands under governmental trol and who have eceived their pro rata shares of all the ti st fund: o the trib and thei dividual India money not to clude those India who have neve recoived allotments) ( b) Total number of Indians remaining under Federal jurisdiction( which should be No. 1( a) subtracted from No. 1). 2. Total number of patents in fee issued to Juno 30, current fiscal year Number. ( a) For original allotments... ( b) For inherited lands. 3. Total number of patents in be issued during fiscal year ( a) For original allotments................ ( b) For inherited lands......... Tota! 4. Number India who ver red p ge for t1 en allotment ( a) Acreage thereof. ( b) Number of these Indians who have disposed of all t! ir inhe ted lands o heir to any --------- ve ot falle 5. T acre ld to June 30, current fiscal yet . Acrea Amount received ( 2) Allotted land. ( b) Unallotted land. Tota 6. Total acreage sold d uring curren Acreage. A mounA received. ( a) Allotted land.. ( b) Unallotted land Total 7. Living unallotted Indiar under your supervision. 8. Living allotted Indians who have not received patents in fee for any part of their allotments ........... 9. Living allotted Indians who have received patents in fee for only part of their allotments. a Theso figures must agree with those reported in column b The uumber of India is unallotte GNOM LCD THEuly 1( o, Page

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