Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1922


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STATISTICAL 1922 SECTION VI. ForESTR Continued. THIS SHIICDT NOT APPLICABLE HERE SANTA FE --------- Indian School. Firo Roport; ............. Reservation, Class and numb Total 11. Fires originating on unallotted lands 12. Fires originating on allotted lands inside of reservation boundaries. 13. Fires originating on allotted lands outside of reservation boundaries....... 14. Fires originating outside of reservation boundaries and on non- Indian lands...... Total number of fires. Misc Rallrond. Lightning. Incendiary ing. Campers. Sawmills. Unknown. noose - bu 15. Causes of all fires reported.............. 16. Damage from all fires: a burned over. Damage to timhor, reproduction, and forage. Timber do yed dama Timbored. Open. Reprod AM B. F. valuo. On unallotted lands............. On allotted lands inside of reservation idaries On allotted lands outside of reservation boundaries Tota 17. Cost of fighting all fires: rd and Division of cost. Tools, Ippl ry lab cooperation On unallotted lands. On allotted lands. Total ring square rods,, Under Cl A in d oth Under Cies3 B include small forest fires extinguished without special expense and covering generally not over 5 sores. e Under Class C include large fres requiring extra help and expense. a Th he amount and value of damaged cordwood may be includod with the timber on a ratio of 1 cord- 500 B. F.

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