Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1922


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STATISTICAL. 33- A I SECTION V. — INDUSTRIES- Continued. MISCELLANEOUs. Santa Fe.... Indian School. Crops raised by Indians and value thereof( show each product separately): YIELD. VALUE. KINDS. ACREAGED. O UNIT ToTAL. PER ACRE TOTAL ACRE. ( 8). ( h). ( m). ----------------------- ( p). SHSA SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSA Total. Welght , lbs. Value SUPPLIES AND TRANSPORTATION, Ekk 1. Supplies purchased through warehouses. Tons. E- 200. $ 27. 735, 46 ... 2. Supplies purchased otherwise by superintendents of schools. 1870 13571, 52 1074 698. 42 3. Amount expended for wagon transportation....... a These figures must agree with those roported under queries 30 and 31, respectively, pages 25 and 26. These figures are opproximate as not all of above wras a purcha se where weight in a SHARESPEAREN

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