Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1922


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STATISTICAL SECTION V. —- INDUSTRIES Continued. 1922 SANTA FE Indian School NOTHING UNDER THIS HEAD Reservation. 47. Stock on the reservation June 30, current fiscal year, belonging to lessees: ON ALLOTTED LAND ON UN ALLOTTED LAND Number . Number. Number. Value. ( a) Becs( colonies).. ( b) Boars. ( c) Bulls........... ( d) Burros ( e) Cows and heifers. ( 8) Hogs and pigs. ( b) Horse ( i) Jacks Mares ( k) Mules. () Rams and wothers.------- ( m) Sheep( owes )---------------- ( 0) Stallions ( pony) ( 0) Stallions( large)-...-....- ( P) Ste ( 4) Other kinds, if any Total value...... 48. Stock on reservation at close of fiscal year belonging to Government employees; Used wholly for private purposes. Used wholly or partly for Government purposes. Names of employоes, If yoar ' s maintenance. Cost for year' s maintenance, owned R1 Number owned Num owned. wned To G cows, ete To owner cows nen ment. ern- To Owner . Total..........

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