Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1922


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23 STATISTICAL. SECTION v. INDUSTRIES-- Continued. 1922 SANTA FE Indian School. NOT APPLICABLE HERE Reservation. 22. Products of day school farms, orchards, etc.: Total Consumed. Sold. On bond. Products, such as poultry fruit, stock,, Unit. ET egetables, grain, etc. Quantity. value. Quantity. Value. Quantity. v. Cunity. v. val Total Total both boarding and doy schools( 21( 1)+ 22( e) 23. Products of agency farm, orchard, etc.; Total raised. sold. On hand Products, such as stock, poultry, frult , Retables , grain, Unit. Juantity. Value. QuadCity. vali. Quantity. Value. Quan. vit Total valuo................. 24. Products of domonstration farm( separate from school or agency farm): Total raised. Consumed. Sold ' roducts, k, po y, trul getables, grain, oto. Unit Quantity. I valuo. | curity. vile. Quantity. v. Eunity. via Total value........... 25. Products of oxperimentation farm: Total raised Consumed Sold. On hand. Products, stock, poultry, vegetables, grain, oto. Quantity. Value. I Quan Vit. Guility. v... CunRity. vide Total value...............

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