Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1922


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19 STATISTICAL. SECTION v. INDUSTRIES Continued. 1922 SANTA FE Indian School. NOT APPLICABLE HERE Reservation, 13. Allotted- Continued. Acreage. Total value, ( e), Grazing( open country)... ( f) Grazing ( swamp)-.-. ( g) Timber land covered with pasture gross . ( h) Total grazing land( total of e, f, and g) ( i) Swamp, nongrazing ( i) Timber land not covered with pasture grass. ( k) Mineral land ( Valuable for other purposes. ( m) Unfit for any purpose...... Total, all classes( total of d, Ld m 14. Unallotted: ( 0) Agricultural now irrigated.. ( b) Agricultural not irrigated but susceptible thereof and for which there is apparent water supply... ( c) Agricultural, irrigation unnecessary Total agricultural land( total of a, b, and c ( e) Grazing( open country). () Grazing( Swamp). ( g) Timber land covered with pasture grass........................ Total grazing land( total of o, f, and g)-. ( i) Swamp, nongrazing.................. imber land not covered with pasture grass.------- ( k) Mineral land ( Y) Valuable for other purposes.. ( m) Unfit for any purpose. Total classes d m Th Th Agure must Be It Can Report oddryaltyTraPost 1ary, 28 Reed and unallottod , and must be the same as acreage and value lands reported in queries ad 8, page 54, Theso Agures must agree with the sported ry 27 page 25. d The igur sported in ry 28 pngo 25. th th

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