Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1922


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16 STATISTICAL. SECTION V. INDUSTRIES Continued. 1922 SANTA FE ............. Indian School THIS SHEET NOT APPLICABLE HERE ............... Reservation. POPULATION, 9. In addition to the census of the Indians under your jurisdiction, by names , give the following . recapitulation of the population( including children away at school) as of June 30, current fiscal year, each tribe on a separato sheet, and a rocapitulation of all the Indians under your jurisdiction: Tribe, occupying............... Roservation. Minors. Adults. Mentall Total. Mentally Ab1 phy bodied. ically dis bled. Total Mentally phy bodied. ically dis bled. Total. bodiod. ically als abled Allotted: ( 2) Malos. ( b) Females------ Tota Unallotted: ( d) Ms Fe emales.................. Total Total: ( g) Males ( 2) Females-------- --- Total 10. Distributo the above population as follows: Males, Total. ( a) Full- blood.. ( b) Mixed, moro than half Indian blood ( c) Half, or less Indian blood. Total figui must agree with those given on page 15, in answer to query 1. 6 Theso igures must be the same as total under query 9 CI).

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