Santa Fe School Annual Reports, 1922


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11. STATISTICAL. SECTION IV. ASCHOOLs Continued. 1922 SANTA FE Reservation, 11. All public schools; ( a) Names ( Lake one leadinite ) children remedies. NumeroE gates.. Numbs Indians paid in U. 8. THIS SHEET NOT APPLICABLE HERE Total................ ( b) Total number Indian children in public schools: Current Fiscal Year. For whom' tuition paid. For whom not paid. Total. ( c) If Indian children are not received in any public schools, why are they excluded? ( d) Is their attendance therein regular? If not, why? ( e) If the personal condition of any Indian children prevents their being willingly received by the public schools, what remedy is practicable? a Indians in public schools should agree with number reported in queries 4( h) and 4( 0) ol. 2 , page 10.

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